2014 Hassine Scholars announced
  BleakHouse Review 2014 released
  2014-2015 BleakHouse Fellow announced
  New book An Elegy for Old Terrors released

Justice Matters

BleakHouse Publishing is an independent, not-for-profit press devoted to creative writing, art, and photography on social justice. The press, founded in 2006 by Robert Johnson, a professor of justice, law and society at American University, is staffed primarily by American University students and alumni. BleakHouse Publishing's mission is to publish works that shed a humane light on the nether world of penal institutions, as well as other repressive settings, practices, and beliefs.

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Robert Johnson, Editor & Publisher
Liz Calka, Art Director
Shirin Karimi, Senior Creative Consultant
Joanna Heaney, Chief Operations Officer
Alexa Marie Kelly, Chief Editorial Officer
Sonia Tabriz, Managing Editor
Rachel Cupelo, Marketing Director
Carla Mavaddat, Curator
Nora Kirk, Chief Development Officer
Rachel Ternes, Chief Creative Officer