BleakHouse Editors win Honors Awards from American University

BleakHouse Honorees include: Sonia Tabriz, Managing Editor (left, Honors Senior); Shirin Karimi, Associate Editor (right, Honors Junior); and Chris Miller, also an Associate Editor (front, Honors Junior). The students were nominated by Robert Johnson, Professor of Justice, Law and Society at American University and Editor of BleakHouse Publishing.



Legal Commentary and Law Review Article by Robert Johnson and Sonia Tabriz

Please visit the Advocacy Resource Bank of the Campaign For Fair Sentencing of Youth (click here) to read a copy of “Dead Kids Walking,” a legal commentary, and “Death by Incarceration as a Cruel and Unusual Punishment when Applied to Juveniles,” a law review article, both by Robert Johnson and Sonia Tabriz, American University scholars. We urge you to share these writings widely with those interested in juvenile justice reform, particularly the abolition of juvenile life without parole.

American Society of Criminology Conference


Lethal Rejection: Stories on Crime and Punishment, co-edited by BleakHouse Publishing’s Editor Robert Johnson and Managing Editor Sonia Tabriz, is featured by Carolina Academic Press.



Robert Johnson and Sonia Tabriz, along with BleakHouse Publishing Consulting Editors Rachel Cupelo and Christopher Dum, presented at the annual American Society of Criminology conference.

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