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Tacenda Literary Magazine is a print and online publication dedicated to creative writing on crime and punishment.


The Editor-in-Chief of the current (2017) issue of the magazine is Daniella Sklarz. The publication is also under the supervision of Robert Johnson, Editor and Publisher of BleakHouse Publishing.

Every year BleakHouse publishes a beautiful paperback edition of Tacenda, as well as a digital version. We encourage you to submit your work to the next edition of Tacenda. Though not all submissions will be included, our editors carefully consider each piece and appreciate your effort. To help you with this process, review past editions to see the diverse yet focused collection we include in the magazine.


Our editors encourage you to send more than one piece. Works for the next edition of Tacenda are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please email your poetry, short story, play or essay to bleakhousesubmissions@gmail.com. Be sure to include a short bio (100 words or less) with your submitted work, as well as a statement that this is original work by you, and that this work, upon acceptance, can be published by BleakHouse Publishing.


By submitting writing to Tacenda, you acknowledge that you will receive no financial compensation for your work. BleakHouse Publishing is a not-for-profit organization, and we devote all of our funds to supporting our press and social justice organizations.
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